Immortals of Meluha

For last few days I am reading a Novel ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ Written By . The Book is based on Shiva Triology. The Book is Awesome. You never felt boring while reading the genius work of book done by this banker turn author. I was looking for few month for the book But at last I got chance and bought the novel eventually from a book seller in sector 17.  Amish Tripathi

After reading some chapter I really become fan of this fiction work. The Book is the story of simple man called Shiva the Immigrant of Tibet, Who fought for the Meluhan the ancient India. 

The novel is a masterpiece. Really looking of the other parts of this series who have written by the author. The Secret of Nagas and The Oath of Vayuputra. 



Honesty is the best policy

If honesty is the best policy then “Why Sycophant always ways ahead?” Honest person always remain behind of Sycophant. Sycophant always remains ahead anyhow. Sycophant always tricky and so means that they can do anything to get what they have desired.

Someone who always sticks with the honesty can’t compete with the astute one (Sycophant). I don’t know “why often said that Honesty is best policy?” While honest don’t get respect anywhere. They always deceive by astute and make fun by them.

It demoralizes the honest person. Today no value of honesty has remained. It will be not be good to stick with honesty. Now have to Leave the path of honesty and learn some new ways to compete in this time of competition with tricky Ideas. I really need to come out of my shell to give these astute minds a healthy competition.  

Friendship, Friends, Love, Cheater

        Friends are always worthy and trusty of our faith. Some of them so dear to us and a relationship develop between us for the whole life. Some of friends are those whose with we really fall in love.

        We laugh with them, we weep with them, we walk with them, we talk with them, we share everything with them, we take care of them, and we love them without any intention expecting that they will give back same love to us.

       But what when someone break your trust, you trust so blindly. It was amazing when friends were with us But “what when they left you for wrong notions?” Leave you alone wounded, broken heart with their behavior, ignore and make fun of you.

The most influenced cricketer of India

Barring Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni is the definitely the most scrutinised and India’s most influenced cricketer. When Dhoni Entered the Indian cricket team and that time Indian team was in desperate need of a wicket-keeper Batsman; who can bat well. Indian team have tried many players before the arrival of Dhoni but no one could survive for long time as they were lacking in batting despite good show in a few matches. Dhoni was selected to Indian team and he left his Presence in India Cricket with a blistering knock of 148 run against Pakistan in Viskhapatnam. After that there was no looking back as circumstances become in favor of a new captain after a early exit of Team from the 2007 cricket world cup in West indies.

Arguably India’s Best Captain MS Dhoni was then soon appointed as captain of Indian O-DI and T-20 cricket team as there was some uneasiness absence of seniors in team for captain ship that tough time and Sachin Tendulkar recommend him as captain of team and board took notice of advice given by the most successful cricketer of India ( Dhoni has said it himself about the recommendation in interview to Media..

And after the emphatic victory in 2007 made Dhoni an successful world cup winner captain of Indian team; who won world cup after 26 years for India.

In 2011 India won O-DI world cup under his leadership and become first host nation to win the world cup at own home soul.

India beat Australia in Australia in triangular series under his leadership after many years.

And there are many others victories India achieved under his leadership. India become in No. 1 test for 18 months for first time and that too was under his leadership. He is rare cricketer blessed with luck and astute mind. He is captain cool too.

He is one of those players who have habit to perform in big matches like finals. Only some players have acquire these qualities in the world.

And his flamboyant personality, Long hair, Batting style and famous “Helicopter shot” bring him among elite cricket player of India.

And his popularity among young cricketer in Indian team made him an influenced cricket personality Indian cricket. He has support of BCCI president who is the owner of IPL team CSK; whose captain is Dhoni and he has won IPL too.

I think this is enough to answer your’s Questions. For more detail search on google. Just type Dhoni and search engine will bring all the information you need to know how Dhoni Become so influenced cricketer