Honesty is the best policy

If honesty is the best policy then “Why Sycophant always ways ahead?” Honest person always remain behind of Sycophant. Sycophant always remains ahead anyhow. Sycophant always tricky and so means that they can do anything to get what they have desired.

Someone who always sticks with the honesty can’t compete with the astute one (Sycophant). I don’t know “why often said that Honesty is best policy?” While honest don’t get respect anywhere. They always deceive by astute and make fun by them.

It demoralizes the honest person. Today no value of honesty has remained. It will be not be good to stick with honesty. Now have to Leave the path of honesty and learn some new ways to compete in this time of competition with tricky Ideas. I really need to come out of my shell to give these astute minds a healthy competition.  


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