My life, My health, My journey

Well, last day when I was in park near sector 33 Terraced garden. I was hanging around there alone till evening. It was a sunny day after many cloudy days.

Nowadays I have developed a taste for walking as much as I can. Whenever I got opportunities I prefer to walk rather than looking for a taxi or rickshaw if the place is under 5 KM. I walks in my gallery for three to four hour daily. I goes for a walk to parks And this fitness regime helping me a lot to loose weight that I have gain for some time. I was worrying about my increasing body wait and fat on my hips and belly.

This time I don’t want to waste time in waste things. So I have decided to devote some time to take care of my health which will help me in future to gain the momentum which I have loose since I have gain extra fab. My Boss often indicated me to loose weight and make myself presentable. But I never took the matter seriously and despite many advice’s I eat fast food continuously and greed increased day-by-day. It let  me so exhausted.

But now I can’t let it increase more. This I am determine to loose weight and well toned my body and come back into shape which will help me counter problems in future with efficiency.