When you feel sad?

Last day I was watching a Hindi movie “Swades…we, the people” written, produced and Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker in 2004. The Music given By A.R Rehman won the film fare best actor award for Shahrukh Khan along with GIFA Best Actor Award.

Swades  is a unique experiment with  grass root realism. Its a story about the dark side of India where film narrates the story of an NRI who come back to India after many years to see his Grand-mother who he had left alone and was living in USA and working in NASA. One day When he had a nightmare about his grandmother and some memory occurs in his mind about the days he was in India with his grand-mother who took care of him after his parents death. After thinking a lot about his past, he decided to visit his native land eventually.

When he come back to his country and face many real facts about life in India, change his mind and ideology after seeing so much suffering people in rural India, bagging for daily basic needs even for two time food.

When Mohan Bhargava the character played by SRK went to collect the rental money of fields of Geeta’s from a farmer But couldn’t as the farmer has nothing and he give him some money than collecting money, touches the soul.

And Somewhere in a village of North India, a train brings the troubled and torn protagonist Mohan Bhargava, chugging to a halt  at a station. A  little boy runs after the  stationary vehicle screaming, “Water for 25 paise”.  Mohan who has never touched anything  but mineral water in India, buys the  water….probably contaminated, but still water that belongs to his soil, his country.

And some other issues as well arises in the movies like child marriage, cast supremacy and girls/boys education discrimination which is leading country to the dark. Unemployment and Lack of other things like electricity, food, health services along with other  basicSwades, Shahrukh khan, India

daily life needs. If you watch the movie with being an Indian at heat you must feel the pain our people bearing for decades despite the 63 years of freedom. And what is we are doing for our people? The question we should ask from ourselves, our politicians and government we elect for our well being.


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