Bore September

September is the most bore month according to me because I feel so bore in this month and also need to be careful due to the changing climate. This time in north India climate change begin and we prepare ourselves for these changes by taking some precaution. And it has been tragedy that I often feel unwell this month due to the some uneasiness of health and it make this month the most boring time of whole year for me.

When I was was a teen I often hanged with friends for the whole years but as this month come I felt alone despite many friends hanging around me. We always meet in hurries because this time in north amid between September and October  in North India the maize yield ready in the fields; which take away our leisure time from us and we needs in fields to help our respective families.

So we often met in hurries and went to school timely and never been late to come back home from school. Our discussion also limit to the fields for this period of time along with roast corns. Such are some unforgettable memories always remain with us and always bring smile on our faces while we roll back in our past.