Sachin Tendulkar “The God of cricket”

This year will be remember for the retirement of “The cricket God”, “The Greatest Sporting Icon” India ever have produced. ” The most beloved son” of this country and “The Greatest batsman ” India have ever produced. After a prolific career for more than two decades “The great batting living legend ” taking retirement of the cricket field. “The batting maestro” no longer will be seen on the Cricket pitch taking guard of stumps, The moments every Indian Cricket fan have seen him for 24 years; the moments of pride, a habit every Indian cricket fan having. Every batting records broken and rewritten by this most successful batsman of cricket.

And he needs no introduction if you are a cricket lover. The greatest cricket personality of the world ” Sachin Tendulkar” have lived his best part of his life on the cricket field and own every aspects of cricket on and of the fields.

Its strangely coincidental that Indian cricket and Economy of the India rises with the Sachin Tendulkar. He come at the time when Indian cricket was in a dire need of someone like him. His cricket skill were already getting noticed when he was a just 14 or 15 years old and soon he made his debut for India at the tender age of 16 and the become the most younger player who made his international debut at that tender age when no one thinking of what he done.

And he mesmerize every Indian cricket fan with his batting prowess for more than two decades. And he have garnered something for the Indian cricket that sporting person have ever done for his country.

And we Salute him for invaluable Contribution and the “Immortal Cricket Moments” On the fields. The whole nation, thank God for Giving us a great person and player Sachin Tendulkar.


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