The Greatest Cricket All-Rounder Jacques Kallis

Jacques Kallis is the greatest all-rounder of cricket in the cricketing world.
All cricket lovers will miss him for sure. Hs is one of the greatest cricket all-rounder among others and would be missed for sure. He was marvelous Batsman and effective as Bowler. 2013 will always be remember for the bid adieu of greatest cricketer ever Master-Blaster Sachin Tendulkar and now another great Cricketer Jacques Kalis of Modern era is going to retire. Cricketing World will definitely miss him.

But this is the rigid and bitter truth of nature, everybody have to accept it willingly or unwillingly that like Sun who rise in morning and after whole day travel in the sky some time in the shadows of clouds finally have to set in evening, same like that players emerges, rise, valediction and eventually retire.



4 thoughts on “The Greatest Cricket All-Rounder Jacques Kallis

  1. Yes! dear you said absolutely right he is indeed a greatest all rounder of modern era. He always remained a backbone of South African team since a decade. He has mostly batted at one down that position always count as very important, only reliable batsman can bat at this place as Dravid, Ponting and Sangakkara did for India, Australia and Sri Lanka respectively. He always took wickets at very crucial point when his team badly needed it for evidence, we have no need to go back as recently in first match of test series against India when both Pujara and Kholi were dominating all African bawlers, their partnership become head ache and pushed African team in danger he gave break thorough by taking wicket of Pujara . One more point want to share here that I ever noticed that he remain calm on field rather than other their team mate as we all know mostly African players are of short tempered. I will definitely miss him as a greatest all rounder.

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