My New Cell Phone

It has been many days since I haven’t written anything in my blog. So I am here today to write something in my blog. For some time I was craving for having a nice cell phone but I didn’t had enough money and when I had then it got used somewhere else and I couldn’t make it. It was necessary to buy a Smartphone there days as I was missing my social network and friends. I had bought some nice phone earlier but somehow I couldn’t match up with the time and I thought it would be waste of money if buy a expensive phone for such less salary. I got promoted and salary also hiked by 20 % ever y six months but I didn’t bought phone although I could bought a cheap Smartphone as my friend suggested but I was reluctant to not buy a cheap Smartphone rather I was ready to wait till; I had the enough money and had no extra expense.

Now I am a happy man to have Smartphone as I control my habit of wasting money. You might be thought of me a crazy guy or a person who thought that having a nice Smartphone is a big thing. But you can ask me as to “Why I think so?” And I have an answer; infect a story behind it that why I felt to buying a nice mobile phone is necessary. Then, please, read this carefully.

One day I come to office and in the absence of senior handling the office work and we had a new female entrant in office for some days. She was posted as a content writer and seem to belong to the rich family, docile and well mannered. And she had an IPhone and she used to carry a Tab as well in office but it was not the sole reason that I got jealous of her rich supremacy.

That day in our office having problem related to internet and we had taken Reliance broadband connection. I was calling the Reliance customer care regarding the issue and they were telling me to wait for quite some more time. I called them twice but they were unable to sort out the issue instantly. Then an office loquacious and cringe colleague named Chand Rana said me to gave phone to her (I don’t want to mention her name) to talk with customer care person. And then I had no other option than giving phone to her and it was a cheap Nokia Mobile phone that I was using for two years. And I felt ashamed on that and decided to buy a new phone. I didn’t bought an Iphone as it is out of my reach still But I bought a Samsung duos with five megapixel camera. When I bought it I face the problem to handle it despite belonging to the IT field. But now I have mastered my cell phone and learning day-by-day to used it efficiently.



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