love in mind

Just like a passionate blue cancerian, my mind is always full with romantic feeling all the time. I always think about you. I see only you in every beautiful things. Every beat of my heart, beat for you. I Don’t know, why you just ignore me. We meet, incidentally, coincidentally and some time I think, may be there is someone who truly trying to get both of us close. But when you watch the way at me, it really rip through my heart and make me feel awake-ward; you really make me feel ashamed like I have committed a sin by falling in love with you. I wish you felt what it was like that I felt the moments, you really made me feel an ache.

You have fathom that I’ll not react anytime despite your many cynical attempts. I just hope that you do well whatever you do and always remain happy.

I’ll take care of everything whatever you have left for me ache, pain and loneliness.

And I really wanna thank you for the some of the best moments both we have lived. Good Bye My Lover!! Forever…….


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