The healing factors

This world is full of tension and the life taken every joy of human being in this era of much anxious life where are trouble at every step. Though human have discovered many sources to overcome that stress factor. Some of them like laughing, music and dance is really awesome things that human have ever discover. Laughter is the biggest healing therapy to any tension that every human being suffer. But who can make a smile when he is going through hard and rough patch. But we must not forget that there always a day after the dark night.

So don’t give up ever, even in hardest and most worst condition. Because there is always a hope, always a door open which we can’t see that time but it is, always.

The second is music which let us feel tranquil and peace at heart and mind. Well, I don’t know about other what they think about the music But I have listen a lot and read as well in many survey and many books that music is a great factor to get distress. And it is not a joke. This is my personal experience. Whenever I felt like down or sad I always opt to music and it help get distressed.

Dance is another factor to get distress. Bu it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. It take a lot of practice to dance properly otherwise we can hurt ourselves by dancing like uncouth. First we must learn basic of dance then we can make ourselves capable of dancing in front of public. Otherwise everybody will make our joke for our bizarre dance. Dance can not only distress you it make you happy and help you shed weight to be fit. Because when we dance our whole body parts move they we dance and practice being form though this healing touch.

Well! I really want to mention here that it is, just, my personal opinion and nobody should take it seriously. Even I can’t dance and I have realize it at many occasion since I have understand this thing around me. I am a shy person who can’t get out of fear of being get exposed of weak dancing skill. Even my heart beat for dance and my feet move automatically to dance tone. But Somehow I couldn’t stand up and took myself to dancing stage.

I felt it many time whenever there were functions, marriages, Parties and other occasion where many person dance but shy person like me stand to corner and jut watch people dancing. Sometime I think that must take dancing classes to learn the dance , at least I must learn the basic dancing skill which will help win many hearts. But problem is that I kept thinking and don’t take action. For quite a few time I went to dance floor But came back instantly after watching people dancing well. I always underestimated my self. I really want to rib this bad habit of me. I don’t want shy away from dance anymore and I know that I can take rein in my hand once I get serious about it. And this time I am dam serious to learn dancing skill.


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