Adequate, Manner, What a buhshit it is?

Last night I was in reception of my company’s boss marriage and I was overwhelmed by the grand reception they have thrown on their marriage auspicious occasion. I was there last night with my friend Naresh, Team-manager Mr. Ram Kumar and another office colleague a female employee ( I don’t want to mention her name in this list) as I think that It will defamatory without her consent to mention her in my blog. Although I am not here to write anything wrong about anyone. It’s just a reminiscing on last night reception that I’ll remember one of the best receptions I have ever attended in my life yet. I was overwhelmed by their hospitality. It was great to be there and since only four employees were invited for the marriage, it wasn’t a big office party, only we were invited as we are having friendly relation more than an official relation.

It was a little embracing situation for a person who belongs to lower middle family and have never been attended such big reception. And the adequate and manner, actually I called them showoff, But some of them are good and some pretend to be civilized. I am and my friend is different kind of people who always banking upon good food and can’t help ourselves in controlling ourselves from gulping food at rapid pace. Actually I am more vulnerable in thing regard as it is my habit to eat food fast.

Well! Let this topic go, why I am making it a issue. Everybody have distinct personalities, having different style and different habit.

Actually I want to write only about that I enjoy the reception along with a senior, friend and colleague that are more important than discussing the habit and other non-proportional matter.

 I got nostalgic expression once again from the same bitch who met me again while I was heading to office. I smelling some conspiracy here, be it from divine side or human side but something is sure to happen. Let’s wait and watch…which side the camel sits?


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