The great Alexander

Many person in this world thought they can conquer everything with their passion and hard work. And it remains satisfactory that most of the person were able to do what they had thought. We have many examples from history; like the one of The Great Alexander of Macedonia; who almost conquered half the world but died at Babylon unfortunately at so young age during his journey back to home. He was a great visionary and fathoms his enemy before charged upon. He was generous too; and always appreciated bravery despite his stiff opposition.

Once, he let a king free from his arrest despite the known fact about that he is the biggest hurdle between him and victory over India. And this is the great example of his generosity. He was tutored by Aristotle.

He invaded India 326 BC but was forced back by his troops. Or some rumors were that his troops were fear of army of that time ruler of India.

When Alexander was only 10 years old, a trader from Thessaly brought Philip(The father of Alexander) a horse, which he offered to sell for thirteen talents. The horse refused to be mounted. Alexander had a eagle eye and he observed well the fear of horse’s own shadow. Alexander asked to managed the horse and he tamed horse eventually. His father was so overjoyed overt this and tear were flowing though his cheeks of happiness and courage he seen in hi son. He said, “My Boy, You must find a kingdom big enough beyond Macedon because Macedon is too small for you” and bought the horse for him.

 The horse named Bucephalas, meaning “ox-head” and later when horse died due to the old age, Alexander named a city after him, Bucephalas.

 He even forgive an Indian king called Porus after defeating him. It was king porus’s bravery that impressed the The great Alexander, and made him an ally. Alexander was keen to enter even beyond The Mighty Ganga but his troops revolt and asked to stop there and go back to their native land to see their child, wives and parents whom they had left long ago. Even Alexander soldiers were also frightened after the long years of fights. Alexander couldn’t persuaded his army and after watching his pleading general he decided to go back to Macedonia.

And when he was going back; died at Babylon at the age of young age of 32 and couldn’t reach his homeland alive. But his memories always remain with Macedonian. The great Alexander will always be remain as the one never lost a war. His fierce ability and astute mind along with his loyal soldiers; and generals made him uncrowned king of the world. His blind faith in his abilities and ambition to conquer the world keep him going despite many hurdles.  He is great source of inspiration for those who fear of problems and obstacles. Whole world is inspired by The Great Alexander. We must learn from his  never give up attitude: always trying with well planned and timed.

Well!!! This will not be enough to write about such greatest leader of the world but as I am running out of time I must stop writing about and will come back with new discovery about The Great warrior…………




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