Friends Reunion! Reminiscing school days

Sunday 25th May, I went on to a trip that was called by school friends for day. Well, I was not sure about attending the party but something; somewhere to someone I had made a promise to get back once in my life whenever I’ll get opportunity. And this was the day I went to complete my promise. A yelling girl with her little brother moving alone on her house rooftop is something I’ll never forget. Every time I pass through her house, my eyes search only for her. She was the first girl I literately felt for, I can’t live without and still I let her go without speaking a word. That was the most horrible mistake I have made in my life and mistake have haunted me for years and yet I can’t get off those beautiful memories.


I was a mourn that I didn’t stay.



I never told this story to anyone.


Although I told an imaginary story by putting some element of my real story.


So last day was the day when I went to Kasauli for a friend’s reunion. I didn’t knew that a surprise was waiting for me. When I reached the venue my friends were there and seem very happy. We had some chat and discussion over thing that we went through over the years. Then they said they are waiting for a guest.  And the guest arrived, I didn’t paid attention as I was busy cuddling with my best friends at corner, suddenly for my surprise someone touch my shoulder and I was awestruck, Mouth wide opened, eyes moist and …. “How are you?” She said. I was unmovable and feeling helpless, couldn’t utter a word from mouth for few seconds. Then my friends standing beside me pinch me and I come back to the reality. I said, “I am very well”, How you? She just nodded her head in yes. I was blank and think how I’ll handle the situation. My friends cheated me and didn’t tell me about her, otherwise I would have been thought something what will be the situation; and prepared myself for jolts. I was clueless and having now answer to staring eyes. Just hoping to apology but didn’t knew that she was far ahead of me and moved on.


Finally I decided to talk to her about what happened and the reason why I left her estranged. But she Said, “It’s ok!  Things happen in life when you have no control over them and you have to flow with flow of the life. Her calm look and direct approach made climate easier to me. Then I talked to her about other topic. Her life was going nice and smooth as she said. I asked about the marriages plan because she was single as yet. I felt so cozy in her company that I never felt in my entire life in anyone company. I wanted to stayed long as long possible and never wanted to end that surprise meeting but you know sometime we lost something precious never come back. I was at the same verges. All  time I just talked to her and when time comes to say goodbye, everyone left the party with some promises to somewhere at some point to meet again and reminiscing the life we live together for some time.


I for the first time hold her hand tight as we were only two left there ( I knew my some of my friends left deliberately)  she didn’t tried to free her hand, I knew it. But somewhere I felt that she may not want all that memory. But I didn’t want to leave her alone that time. And desperately wanted to stay with her as long as possible…… be continued


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