A Road To Death

“A road to death” is a dream that I have seen some day ago which inspire me to wake up and write a story revolves around “what I have seen?” with some more interesting elements I will put in. Actually it is a story about a boy and girl who are strangers to each other but have same path to walk on, a same life to live, same people they both are fighting to survive. But they meet somewhere, somehow coincidentally; and the moments they met; the moment have been destined in their both lives which later will lead them to a road that will drag them to unexpected journey with some adventures, bitter and sweet experiences wrapped in truth and lie. A road that is called ” A road to death”.


I’m hoping to complete the story this time other wise I have left many story behind those need a final touch but this seem more interesting so I ‘m moulding my ways to complete this story first and then focus on other.





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