A confusing Post! Weird and pathetic.

The girl I like isn’t really interested in me. She was just flirting. I thought she is taking interesting in me but I was wrong as she left me estranged. I am deeply hurt and recovering very hard.

Should I write such type of story? I am still in confusion how to give up an interesting look to my love story that is dying and breathing last breaths. There is no ingredient left which I didn’t used to make it delicious but every time, somehow, something happen and everything went wrong; and my love story ended up in strange place among tattered. I’m taking rounds around the couple; and trying to understand; what really make them love each other? Some time I find very simple thing is commitment and undying desire to be with each other but very next moment I think; Would I be able to be with one for whole life?

So, what’s the story? Why I think like that?

Because I had a conversation with a girl who taught me real, hard and bitter truth of life. She said that it is really tough to be with a person for whole life especially when the person is not I of your choice and suppose, if you find your liking in person still there are chances that you will be bore after a year or some more time.  Yeah! You will be bound ‘cause of social boundary but your heart wanna break those limitations and venture in something new. But it is not possible especially if you are living in India. Because, We Indian’s are still very connecting to our traditional value and conservative ways of life. We can’t accept a person with more than one wife and rules also prove this that until you don’t have divorced with your partner you can’t have another in your arm( according to law at least) otherwise you can many affair secretly.