Terraced Garden – Chandigarh

Last day I went to “Terraced Garden” In Sector 33, Chandigarh. I enjoy there a good time along with a friend and clicked some snaps of flowers, blossomed in the garden. Actually When flowers bloom in the second week of the last month of the year, Chrysanthemum Festival being organized annually. The main attraction of the festival are flowers of different species. People comes in flocks to enjoy the sight. The climate during December always been chilled because of the winter season in the North India. So it has been a good experience to be there to feel tranquility and connection to inner self.

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Fictional thoughts! When you don’t have nothing to write!

I was rightly intended to spend my life with you but you did, just broke me. You just took away everything from me that all I had; my love, interest and innocence. Your cruelties prove too stronger over my love. You taken the things to granted but forget that I’m a man of substance and proud. I’ll not let you slip away so easily. I’ll confront you every minute; tease you and make jealous. I’m surprised on your alien behavior; how can be someone so cruel? You made your mind and believe those assumptions, those don’t even exist. How can you be so fool?  Now you are trying to moving away from the one who love the most!  You are addicted of completely let the issue unresolved, though, I don’t think that we had a serious issue. We just need to give some space to each other. We just need to take care of each other and being responsible towards. And this can only be possible if we take out some-time of our super busy lives. I know you will never admit that you are wrong, I am sure about it! You might be thinking to make me first move. But you know I’m too skeptical about, what should I do? Either I should make peace with you or let the fire fuel up more.

Peculiar emotions

I’m thinking to give you some time to think a little more about the future possibility. Think a little about your life, where you are heading to? Why you are taking thing to grant?

I’m not a fool! But I’m just observing the situation which could have been worse if I’d too jump into conflicts; but you know I’ve come across and mature enough now to let such petty issue go! I’m hoping you too to come out of shell and retreat from what are you doing?

Oh! Common… you were so sweet! Why bitterness have occupied your mind. Be sober and sweet as much as can you! Hoping for positive changes!