Money, the honey and spinner

Money is biggest invention till date human has in human history since the human began to understand to control the society and people with the power of money. Money can create havoc and can be cause of quarrel among human. Money is the biggest sinner and healer as well.

Many worship money as Goddess (those have a lot or not) Money can lure anyone. Rich people think they are far great and can buy everything with the power of money. And for some extent everybody would be agree upon this view.

I also do!

Now person character are being evaluating by measuring the depth of their bank balance and burgling bungalow. They make big statements and live a life of social animal those party a lot till midnight; and then come back to home drunk and cry on their family.

Their every conversation began in civilized manner and ended in a hypocritical manner with abuses; portraying poor people vamp for uncivilized and unhygienic ways of leading their lives.

I’ve memory of such a person, my so called uncle from maternal side who reflects his multimillionaire attitude towards his relatively poor relatives and I’m too one of them. But usually, his son, who was my junior where I have studied in school, seen begging for penny. He used to meet me often in half time during lunch and often begged for money for his lunch. And when I’d asked him about his father rich supremacy and multimillionaire personality with some gradients of humor.

Once after we confront him a lot about his father personality and richness he reveals the secret of his father’s tight hand.

It was a kind of funny and bizarre moments for my so called uncle son and we usually made fun of him after that.



What i expect this new year?

Every year end and new year begin. We make some resolutions and plan for new year. Many people, many plans. And everyone hope for good to be happen this year with him. Rich people aims and expect to be more richer by new year and earn a lot of money. Poor people hope  to get two time food enough to feed them. Student think to study more intentionally  to achieve the goal. Teachers expect to get more tuition outside after their classes in schools. Politician prays to win the votes by any mean by making public fool. A soldier hope to survive this year to and get leaves to spend with his family after a rigid and hard time on fronts. Billions of people and billion of their resolutions, expectation and hops.

Every heart want to get what he or she don’t have? No one think about of,  What he has last year don’t want this year now? I’m sure expecting sorrow and pain no one want to let anything? But this don’t happen as if there is happiness then  God make sure of bearing the pain as well.

And anyway, how would someone relish the enjoy of being if he or she never had suffer the pain. It’s very simple, only those can understand the value of money who don’t have! He will value the and regards as deity, not those who are already have lot to spend. But still God is unfair and bless only those who are already blessed.

But this year I’m hoping God to be fair and take a look of those who are really in need! I’m hoping God to amend ways of distributing good and bad to people.