“Love, love, love”

Last year was full of surprises as I cherish some of the best moments of my life with near dear though they didn’t lasted long but it doesn’t matter. I had my share of fun at home with by siblings and in Chandigarh as well where I work and currently living. After a long time I found someone totally opposite of me and as you know opposite attracts opposites; I fascinated by that girl. It seems that girl was also taking interesting; the way she talked to me stands and stares.  But this couldn’t last for long as she left the place and I too didn’t try too much as she was flirt by nature.

This year too seems, someone making the wave in the air. Someone is trying to catch the eyes.

Well!!! I might be wrong!

But let it go as it is going because sometime to make heart happy, a little lie is worthy more than a bitter truth that can break hearts. Let’s continue this feeling blossom! I, otherwise whichever way walk, lastly those scary moments will come back to haunt me when she will depart.

It’s some kind of usual scene at the end of journey (short journey actually). Sometime I think either I’m hiding myself from myself or other because I often lie to myself too.  I just don’t follow any girl especially if I see disrespect in her eyes; I can’t resist those glaring eyes; torment mentally and take away the tranquility. But it happen, I’m trying to make at least one friend from opposite sex before I get marry.  Going to give one last shot otherwise marriage bell is on card and for that occasion I have a beautiful song I listen.  “Love, love, love” by Monster and Man. I would be nice to sing along with love one.


What does happiness mean to you?

The world’s biggest fear is the happiness for humanity that we have lost somewhere in the race of our respective lives to counter the competition from our competitors in every aspects. We are so busy that we don’t even have time for ourselves. We skip many important events and opportunities to walk two steps ahead of other. We forget the real joy of being with our loved ones. We make excuses or some time forcefully compel by circumstances to avoid encounter with those who really want to be with us.

Well, we all are so curious and really want to peep into the matter of others. But apart from this conversation I wanted to write here about what I feel what is happiness mean to me. Now it isn’t necessary that what I really think you too have to agree with. You can have your thoughts, views and reasons to disagree with me. Happiness defines one persona sole motive of life. How can he achieve the goal or motive? We have lots of way to reach somewhere we really want to!
Some time we become habitual of special habits or adopts in the way. We develop a habit that define our nature and state of mind; how we see things in the world? What is our approach towards things that really matter and how much we are aware of activities around us? An astute mind always moves ahead in right direction by keeping all facts in mind. He possesses the power to mend the way. He has enough skill to mold circumstances and person according to his own benefits. He desire to more and more. He will never be content whatever he got in his life. He will always wish something more which lead that person to an addiction for getting more and more. He will ruin his peace of mind and being lured by every materialistic object.  His family would never be happy with him despite whatever he would have done for his family. They will always complaint. His wife would make allegation that he has no time for her and her children. He will try to explain that whatever he is doing; it’s all for them. But they will question his faith, and trust. Eventually he will be diagnosis with a sort of addiction called unhappiness. This is a very common story.

But we have other side of coin as well! I need to discuss this too. Suppose there is man as usual, like a poor man. Would he have been happy? Absolutely not!! Irrespective of happiness he would be more depressed with the thoughts about his misery and poor condition. His children will make him feel bad, even they can tease him (as expected from next generation). What I mean to say is that whichever the way man walk he will receive flak, criticism and abuse. Then how could be someone be happy??

Now tell me who is happy?? …..No one!

What are the ingredients of life that make us happy?  Many person would say “Love” can make a person happy in-spite of whatever the circumstances he would be facing. For a minute I will also agree with you. But Very next moment might not.
Because if love brings with him an indescribable joy; then it also brings you a path to walk full of thorns. So it’s still a question in my mind what is happiness mean to you and what makes you happy? Love has consequences as well. The only pure and selfless love could be of a mother for her children for whom she sacrifices everything.  A mother would be happy even in worst conditions; if her children are happy! So is this a purest joy?

Well, I don’t know but to an extent yes as I’ve experienced.

I would like to churn out more about it. Something must come out of it. Otherwise it would be nice practice to argue with folks. Wishing, I’ll complete this topic soon and come back with more thoughts.

Milltia hit India and Poilitcs!

I belong to a country which is tearing apart on the name of religion, faith, belief, cast and culture. Politician are enjoying their sphere and looting country. They could have even sold the country to be in power. Actually I don’t want to discuss the matter. The matter I want to discuss and put forth my view is the one I read in HT.

Where J&K an integral part of India which suffered a long pain due to the Pakistani generated militancy, now are crying fouls; they gave shelter to militant in their home and supported them. Now they are suffering their own wrong doing. They can’t blame others or Indian for their suffer (the very fact is that they are also Indian). But they are less Indian and more Pakistani (Though I Should refrain from such words). They are not patriot anymore nor were they. Their Chief Minister praise Pakistan for peaceful election and blackmail Indian govt. on the issue which are against the country and might put country integrity and unity in danger.

Like couple of last days where militant has attacked a police station in Kathua Region of Kashmir; Chief Minister of State was busy debating article 370(which give J&K a special state status). What kind of man he is? His state region was hit by militant and he was debating article 370 instead of condemning the attack and taking right step to prevent such unfortunate attacks. Since PDP&BJP alliance have formed the govt. in state; state Minister especially Chief minister Moofti Mohmad Sayeed have taken a separatist stance over many issue those can be handled effectively only by being responsible and honest to the duty towards state and nation. Instead he plays a pity politics. Even the central Govt. is also silent on the issue. BJP must need to handle matter seriously and clinch the rein Otherwise It would be very irresponsible of both state and central govt. They need to mend their ways if they really want peaceful and prosper valley.