“Love, love, love”

Last year was full of surprises as I cherish some of the best moments of my life with near dear though they didn’t lasted long but it doesn’t matter. I had my share of fun at home with by siblings and in Chandigarh as well where I work and currently living. After a long time I found someone totally opposite of me and as you know opposite attracts opposites; I fascinated by that girl. It seems that girl was also taking interesting; the way she talked to me stands and stares.  But this couldn’t last for long as she left the place and I too didn’t try too much as she was flirt by nature.

This year too seems, someone making the wave in the air. Someone is trying to catch the eyes.

Well!!! I might be wrong!

But let it go as it is going because sometime to make heart happy, a little lie is worthy more than a bitter truth that can break hearts. Let’s continue this feeling blossom! I, otherwise whichever way walk, lastly those scary moments will come back to haunt me when she will depart.

It’s some kind of usual scene at the end of journey (short journey actually). Sometime I think either I’m hiding myself from myself or other because I often lie to myself too.  I just don’t follow any girl especially if I see disrespect in her eyes; I can’t resist those glaring eyes; torment mentally and take away the tranquility. But it happen, I’m trying to make at least one friend from opposite sex before I get marry.  Going to give one last shot otherwise marriage bell is on card and for that occasion I have a beautiful song I listen.  “Love, love, love” by Monster and Man. I would be nice to sing along with love one.


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