Lack of communication: reason why business fall apart.

A small venture made successful over years but suddenly fell down from top to bottom, is crimine. Such incidents are usual when collective team efforts don’t get recognition or laurel, putting best efforts become a hurdle. So it’s a down pour (Down Fall) instead of a pleasant spring (steady rise). Team efforts only succeed if someone who leads the team is effective leader, even if he has, but lack good communication skills and shy off conveying his message or aim sets for team. His so called demure attitude creates uncertainty, rumors and become the points of gossips. Some time a clear favor for a specific member of team can make others members of team envious. It’s very simple to fall in bad line but rise again from zero take a hell of efforts. You can’t efforts to lose your best members of team, otherwise, if someone lacks something, make him more efficient instead of cornering him is the reason why some small venture ponders into a big giant. Who understand this formula race ahead of all and make a steady rise. Well! I’m hoping aspirant mend their way and take notice of such small matters and at least be good listener because often good listener of good leaders who take care of each and every member of team.

I know I’m not at the best to write on such sensitive and head churning topic but trying my way. Still in confusion: when will be my efforts appreciate?

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Little James Bond! Little Buudy, Innocent buddy :)

Well! I have a pictures of my neighbours son to share with world. He is so cute and charming. First time when I met him, he was like.. frightened, scared and hesitant. As I lean towards him to take him in my arms, he ran straight to his mom crying. Then I offer him chocolate but he didn’t turn his face towards me, instead he was hiding from a stranger as I described myself. Actually I haven’t met him since he take baby step and began to understand things around him. So then I came back to my home visibly upset.  But the very next day early in the morning; it was winters last days as spring was approaching; making atmosphere pleasant; I went to my neighbour home as usual.

For a pleasant surprise, the little buddy was awaken and chirping like birds in joy, carelessly moving like dancing doodles. I caught him playing with his toy gun and clicked some photographs instantly. As I was clicking, it seems like he was posing for a shoot like a action hero although he doesn’t understands the meaning of it. And since that day we become best buddies who have some share of laugh and innocent memories.

Little buddy, Little James Bond20150219_111217 20150219_111036 20150219_111047