Hello! Is that you?

Last day i saw a dream of meeting someone who i Hadn’t met for a very long time. Actually last time when I was with her, it was a decade ago. And she is the same girl who she was as always. little chubby but very jolly person with full of life; far away from the tension of  life that make compel to live a life of misery. I always been a big admirer of her and her  happily forever nature. She reminds me a lot of my younger days when I was with her in my middle school in my village. She used to hang with for most time of the day; even after the school. She always had an excuse to borrow me from my other friends. She used to carry lunch with her every day with an added flavor of Mango pickle.

OH! I need to rush somewhere very important! I’ll comeback soon and complete the story…… -:)


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