Peace or violence

This is where one should be always like a person who arrive as victorious after all the struggle and fights he fights throughout the journey. He must be basking in the glory of achievements he has achieved. So this is what he wants or this ultimate goal. Now after he conquers the world, what is remained inside that eating his solace and forcing living sleepless nights? What is that chasing him like a nightmare?

A fear occurring in his mind regarding his action he went on to take whoever came in his way to victories. Millions of people he made to sacrifice their lives for him and those who he and his pals killed during the hell of journey they had gone through. Who is responsible for massacre? He killed young old and adults who were someone relatives, brothers, fathers, mothers, wives and sisters. He forced children to live life of orphan and misery. He made many women widows, killed their sons who were their hopes of their lives.

Once, the great Ashoka Maurya felt the same after he conquered kaling. The massacre opened his eyes, and he felt so rouged and sad that this battle convert into someone who prevails the way as world’s biggest ambassador of peace. He carried forward the message of peace to the every dimension of the world which profit larger masses. He dedicated his entire life to the good of people.

I want to ask those terrorist who killing innocent people without a clear aim. They are just ruthless and relentless who doesn’t afraid to kill live of human for some misconception and superstitions. Especially those, who radically blinded by religious bounds. This world would never been better by killing the people and claiming their lives.

Such blind faith have always created ruckus in social system where every person whichever religion they belong to, suppose to live together without harming anyone rights and interest.

What if all live together with love and affection?

The world would never been better than anytime if this happen but this is only a dream that despair when I wake up every time. Some time I wish not to awake and sweetest dream run continue.


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