Big what!!! A Party of surprise elements

I don’t know, why i sit here to write about this? but something pinched inside me and for a moment I thought I should write down something to control myself. Actually it came to as surprise that I whenever I am knocked down; I start to think about the situation to write down the experience I felt that time and helped me to distract myself from vulnerable issues. Actually, The Big is Party that my friend throw in celebration of his marriage to his lover eventually after a long struggle and many prayers to God. Everybody including girl and boys relatives were against the marriage as the boy belong to a rich family and since girl was not from so financially sound background. Boys father an arrogant man, firm believer of a clan of rich. God spare him he couldn’t even fathom that his boys was dying without girl. But since the destiny has decided them to live together, how could anyone set them apart.

Some of the friends of  the boy come in support of couple including me and strongly protest and somehow we manage to control the situation. We let them out of their homes and met in secret and decided they we will took them to court where they will get married. But for our surprise; I don’t how boy father came to known about this and he come to my home and inquired about me. I was not there as I was with my friend.


Rebel Love Story


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