Let Her Go!

This is reality. One only know the value of someone when someone isn’t around. You can only know the important of things when you don’t really have. You can only relish food if you are hungry. You will only know the meaning of love when you don’t have the one who really love. If she or he left you and gone away far from you; then God mercy on you. Its a hell waiting for you to go through. You will be tortured mentally and make you lose your nervous system and fell apart. You really cut all the tie and feel deceit. If someone come to help; you panic out and make merry of life.

Let her go

But you supposed to be go though all if you have to surreal. That’s how you will come to know the importance of the things happens to you and make the life go continue without a break. Even if you stop somewhere and think you will stay. Then a power hidden inside everyone drag to match the pace.

Well! Life revolves around such things that even we really don’t know some day those things will become an unbreakable part of our life.

We suppose to contribute our bit to that cycle of nature, those rules…were defined millions of years ago, might be when life begin to develop or universe being formed. What is that keep the life moving and continue without a stop? Even if you think we can take lap a bad dream will break your moments of comfort and push you to the unsettled path because you are supposed to walk the way. It doesn’t matter right or wrong. you just move ahead and there is no way to turn back.

So whats the next thing comes to mind?

Just begin to value the things around you. Don’t loose the heart and don’e ever give up, even if it mean to toil you something hard that can hurt you. The pain would temporary but achievements would be high and loudest cheers for you.

You are born to conquer the world, the people, who are hater and don’t know the meaning of love and brotherhood. You are supposed to be march ahead with one goal in mind” If you want to see someone love you then you have to be the first to reciprocate the same for one.

So let he poke face hid away and real face comes out even if it’ not beautiful. You are beautiful from inside where your heart lies and dreamt of  someday. If she destined to be your nothing can stop her to come back to you.

So, Let her Go!

Huh… What I supposed to write and what I have written.

Well it too nice. Let it be!