Happy Birthday Mr. Mahatma Gandhi”The father of the nation” and the late PM Lal Bahdur Shastri ( The forgotten hero)

Happy Birthday Mr. Mahatma Gandhi. You must be very happy to see the progress India have made ever since India got freedom. This must be your dream to decide country faith on the 15 of august, when India got freedom and one nation tore apart into two, on the name Hindu and Muslim religion. You were the symbol of peace and truth, but this country now yielding only liar and corrupt who are deciding the fate of the country and people of the nation, especially common people who are dying every day in struggle to earn two time meals for himself and his family.

And some people who got power and money are ruling this country like emperor. Common people dream of living in a secular and democratic country are being reeling under these some leaders, rich people and beaurocrates who enjoy the status of VIP.

You must be very happy to see the prime minister of India talking shit to gain voters and insulting the dignity of designation. You must be very happy to see ruling party making abuse and mockery of rules and power whoever they are. First your party ( I don’t say but they claim and history approved that you were part of ) looted this country and now another ideological party of Hindutva which now ruing the country and making bizarre decision, ridiculously. And our ministers smiling on the fake applauses and clicking selfies with the pride.

You must be very happy to see the nation going into dark as the young of the nation are being dragged into controversies and made addict to make a few people rich.

You must very happy of seeing those women rapes and abuse whose themselves fought with men shoulder to shoulder against British.

You must be very happy to see your loving India till date not producing a single minister who could be called honest except “Late. Prime Minister Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri” (The forgotten hero). But our current prime minister having no respect to value the contribution for the country of such honest person and pay 10 minutes tribute. The person who won India the 1965 war. The person whose honesty couldn’t allow him to even help his son deeds that he don’t face any hardship in future. And now he is living life of anonymity.

You must be very happy seeing people making fun of you now and claiming that you were the reason to tore apart the country and set millions of people on fire.

Well, you might not be happy or sad but I’m because every person seems to following the path of personal glory rather than living for the country and truly making efforts in right direction.

But at least I can pay a thank you to urge the whole country to unite against the British and setting India free.

Thank you so much 🙂