Leonardo Dicaprio: never give up!


The 88th Academy awards in LA bring cheers for the fans of Leonardo Dicaprio as he finally got his best actor trophy for his role in “The Revnant”. He was nominated six times previously for  prestigious award but unfortunately could not win. But you know hard work always pay. As we see he didn’t give up and continue doing good work. And after all the rejection he went through, he came at such a point where no one could deny, what he deserve as a best actor in leading role that catches the eyes of many.

I know, he must have won it earlier but unfortunately their were better  performances by other competitors, in jury members view or whoever decides the best winners.

I have a high regard for him as person and the time he is spending to make people aware of climate changes and risks involve in playing with, which is big concern for a past decade. And interestingly his picture also narrates the consequences of playing with environment. People must come forward and contribute their bit in making environment safe for future generations. His Oscars acceptance speech also highlighted his concerns over ailing environment. So we must act now instead of becoming critical because “if not we then who and if not now then when”(famous lines from Mega star Amitabh Bachan speech at IIFA awards). You must have remember him as a character role in “The Great Gatsby” in which Leonardo Dicaprio played the lead role other

wise he is the biggest super star in Bollywood popularly known as Big B.

Kate Winslate must be very happy for Leo as she was a big support for him and critical as well of Oscar jury for not selecting him as best actor. But he forget to thank her in his speech.


Well! Lastly i wanna wish Leo for best actor win for leading role in “The Revnant”. Now he can bask in glory of an Oscar winner that he was denied for past decade despite giving spectacular performances.

In the end moral is “when all is well then its ends well”.