Master Trick – Bale Bale Mahi

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Happy Holi to all

Happy Holi to all fellow bloggers. Its a celebration time in India. We are celebrating and you all are invited to be part of celebration.

Gotta loose all ties


I’m feeling terrible right now, feeling, what it has been rightly said to me. Such absurd Bullshits had forced me to retaliate but I kept my cool. Bloody fool need to understand thaw is rather dismantle, being used. Dashed beam do hurts. I understand  this could well forgotten in right spirit. Do I really need to bring down hawk attack? No option seem working. Albeit, leaving the battle would undermine authority. So need to carry on for a while.

Wish me fellas, I’m soaking to absurd and pressure. Need to look upward in the sky where moon & stars are brighter than ever. Kind if magic spell could come to rescue. Can’t say really! But hope never die, thats where my never defeat courage held me strong. Yeah, may be there moments when I felt lost but I always stand up.

So not succumbing to covertly pulling strings. Infect making peace with inner self, to keep floating.

Excitement of the day


She was quick to remind me that today we dine out plan with her parents. So I need to be there exactly at seven.

What the f**k?

(I was post-ponding  the date but finally gave up as I don’t want to loose the girl who I really Love)

And, Today India will take on New Zealand in first encounter of the world cup 2016.  I’m in dilemma!

What should I do?

Either leave match or postpone dine out plan with her parents.

I’m loosing my mind because It would be a tough meeting with her parents as this will be the first time with them.

I’m already simmering. Although I need not to because I heard her parents are nice people but you know, the scary part is to get their permission to marry their lovely daughter. I never thought that i would fall in love and even have to meet girl’s parents aspirations. I always thought that its love and understanding, what is needed the most, between true soulmates. But I was wrong boy and girl both need acceptance from their parents. Fortunately my parents are happy with my decision as I told them about her, even before I purpose her and arranged a meeting which was successful.

Now onus is on me to meets the criteria or aspiration of her parents.

Well! I know, I’ll manage this as I have handle more tough situation than this successfully by God’s grace. But the  most difficult part is, Cricket match between between India vs New Zealand in the world cup.

Fellas, please pray for me! I’m going to give most difficult exam of my life 🙂

Drizzling in my city

It has been rain for last couple of days in my city. For some people rain brought cheers, and some people bearing the wrath of rain especially farmer whose crop destroyed by stormy  weather. Its unusual to have rain during this time in north India. Summer has been knocking at the door but rain brought some relief from beaming Sun.










A humble in rumble

what does it mean? I really don’t know!! Just a thought hit the mind and I pen down it. The messy portion belongs to the guys who really know, How to deal with it? A humble in rumble is not story about anyone but its a thought, a humble thought among many disturbing ones. For a second I completely wake up and brought back to the floor where I stood, until some rumble thoughts hit my minds. Humble way always work and do wonders to the mind and body that was pissed by many disturbing views.

Well, I think the best way to put your mind in right frame,is just to think in the right direction or something good for you, something that really cheers you up, something that really drive you crazy in positive way. Take deep breath and think…think…what is really are you trying to do? Are you giving up to the  rumbling thoughts? Don’t give up! STAY and that’s something, really have inside you; hold for a frictions of second, Bring it back, try one more time, here you are really close to…one more time, you one step closer to; and now the final shot…you are the winner.


Here I’m decoding it. You were  gloomy for a while. I come and put your mind out of the disturbing thought but you were holding those very tight. I give you a shock and let you feel the happiness that you were ready to bury even before it could blossom. You listen to me and try for once, I force you to try one more time; you were not ready but really wanna get out. one more time you were close, one more try; and here you completely come out disturbing mind and I declared you winner.

You are a winner! If you still have doubts then think, where you were heading before  I approaches you? You can answer it well than another because you were the looser then and you are the winner now. So spot the difference between to times. You have completely forgotten the time when you were loosing hopes. Am I right?? Just move your head in right node. Yeah…How long it has been since you are out of the disturbing mind and really are in a progressive zone. Almost half an hour. And that’s enough. You are winner of your conscience.

So congratulations for conquering over your disturbing mind. You are feeling now.

So let this joy take over you because you are the god of your mind, body and world.

Yours welcome 🙂

Humble in Rumble mind



Morning is a hope that come after a long dark night. Morning is “the truth of eternity” ever since universe come in existence. Morning give us the new lease of life. The shining Sun fill us with energy, air flow through like a flowing mystery river, birds chirps while taking their wings out in the sky, water in the river flow like a smooth song on the play. Morning reminds that truth always prevails his way.

Above all morning is symbol of triumph of light over dark. Morning reminds that their always a hope but you need to believe and give your best what you owe to, and sooner or later, you will be rewarded.