Excitement of the day


She was quick to remind me that today we dine out plan with her parents. So I need to be there exactly at seven.

What the f**k?

(I was post-ponding  the date but finally gave up as I don’t want to loose the girl who I really Love)

And, Today India will take on New Zealand in first encounter of the world cup 2016.  I’m in dilemma!

What should I do?

Either leave match or postpone dine out plan with her parents.

I’m loosing my mind because It would be a tough meeting with her parents as this will be the first time with them.

I’m already simmering. Although I need not to because I heard her parents are nice people but you know, the scary part is to get their permission to marry their lovely daughter. I never thought that i would fall in love and even have to meet girl’s parents aspirations. I always thought that its love and understanding, what is needed the most, between true soulmates. But I was wrong boy and girl both need acceptance from their parents. Fortunately my parents are happy with my decision as I told them about her, even before I purpose her and arranged a meeting which was successful.

Now onus is on me to meets the criteria or aspiration of her parents.

Well! I know, I’ll manage this as I have handle more tough situation than this successfully by God’s grace. But the  most difficult part is, Cricket match between between India vs New Zealand in the world cup.

Fellas, please pray for me! I’m going to give most difficult exam of my life 🙂


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