Gotta loose all ties


I’m feeling terrible right now, feeling, what it has been rightly said to me. Such absurd Bullshits had forced me to retaliate but I kept my cool. Bloody fool need to understand thaw is rather dismantle, being used. Dashed beam do hurts. I understand  this could well forgotten in right spirit. Do I really need to bring down hawk attack? No option seem working. Albeit, leaving the battle would undermine authority. So need to carry on for a while.

Wish me fellas, I’m soaking to absurd and pressure. Need to look upward in the sky where moon & stars are brighter than ever. Kind if magic spell could come to rescue. Can’t say really! But hope never die, thats where my never defeat courage held me strong. Yeah, may be there moments when I felt lost but I always stand up.

So not succumbing to covertly pulling strings. Infect making peace with inner self, to keep floating.


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