Making fun of a simple person isn’t a fun dude!

This title may not be appealing but most of the part is very likeable because of the story behind it; solely responsible to come out. Currently where I’m living in a rented accommodation, I’ve a neighbour couple belongs to hills living alone with their two children. They seem to be very simple and gentle by their nature and behavior as they don’t talk much outside to others and remain to themselves.  But our landlord very canny person especially wife of our landlord and her younger son always remain in contention to find an excuse to make a fight with her verbally. They often accuse her of manner whatever she do.

What more they even indulge with her in a verbal war when they accuse her of making apartment filthy. That was the first time I    listen her retaliating. She gave them a befitting reply for which landlord baffled up against her. Now they want to oust her from apartment. But due to the favors of tenant rules they can’t throw her out as she is living with her family. Thank God, Govt. made rules in favor of tenants otherwise such wayward landlords could throw out every person out of the house without any valid reason.  Such rule clinches the reins of the notorious people.

This social life always carries such person with the development over ages but never thought of eradication of such people. They harass simple people and give them a tough time.  That’s when if someone wake up and give a reply and confront such people and unite ordinary people against antisocial elements, could be a point beneficial for mass.

I always seen this happens many time in many places as I had to live in rented accommodation earlier for my study and after that to earn livelihood.

Well, I think I have made my point and may come with some new ideas to stop such bullshit, hopefully.

Till then bye and keep smiling J


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