Real life examples of “Karma”

The Karma is getting back at Pakistan in terms of terrorism and extremism, they adopted against India and other neighbouring countries. Pakistan is bearing the fruit of what they sowed against Others. Now they are paying price in many ways. Pakistan is a failed country and full of religiously blind people bind by their extreme thoughts and fanatical faith. Every country know who are the real producer of terrorists, Taliban and other terrorist Mafias. Why go far even Pakistani people know that this is not going in their benefit, still they are unable to stand against against their government and Army of dictators.

India and Pakistan got freedom at the same time, actually Pakistan formed when cruel and shrewd British lure Jinnah for Prime ministers chair and torn India into two nation that later three (Bangladesh 1971) and become enemy for life. But one choose the progressive and developmental way and another choose extremism and hate. Results are showing who stand better & tall and who is broken and on the verges of breathing last.

I think this is the Karma and same happening with USA and other countries who formed partnership with Pakistan to stop Soviet Russia in Afghanistan and other war torn countries from helping right people and those countries respective governments.

My concern here is the fear that India must refrain from US trap to an extent as they are selfish, dishonest and betrayer. While Russian are true ally because they are always with India even then when India just got Independence.