Ever since Coldplay have released their songs “Hymn for he weekends“, I find myself to listen this songs every day twice, thrice and even more time. I wonder what I like about this songs that I’m going gaga over this song, but nothing could be found.

My thirst for this songs is growing  rapidly more and more. Even when I walk to the office(I like to walk rather than riding vehicle or taking lift)as it is nearby my place where I’m currently living, I listen to this song s. This songs is the top favourite.

My phone  songs playlist is also prove that. My YouTube video also suggest this song top favourite. I wonder if this songs Indian connection make me to like this song so much. But hold your thoughts for a minute,my songs playlist is full of COLDPLAY.

Well, I mean, I’m a big fan of COLDPLAY. Their music is divine in this world where life has  been lived on edge. Their music makes me happy even in the worst time,when I feel shattered or broken. COLDPLAY music heal me through and help me rejuvenate myself to regain my touch, to walk to the dawn.

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